about me

My name is Tony Collinson, I live in West Yorkshire and have been actively involved in photography for many years. I am a member of Aireborough Camera Club which meets at Guisley Theatre on Wednesday evenings and Leeds Audio Visual Group which meets on Friday evenings in the Cookridge Village Hall.
My photography is quite diverse and includes many subjects. My portfolio includes natural history, landscape, portrait, pictoral, photo-journalsm and record images taken throughout the years.


For over 20 years I used Nikon cameras and lenses, but moved to Canon equipment during 2004. The main reason for the change was the quality of the Canon digital cameras and the impressive range of Image Stabilising lenses. One area of my photographic activity is rare birds and for this I use a Canon 600 mm f4 IS lens and find the Image Stabilising facility invaluable, particularly when coupled with the 1.4 converter. As for the camera bodies, I have the Canon EOS 1DX and EOS 7D Mk II. I also have a Canon 300mm f2.8 lens and, as you would imagine a strong tripod is required for this equipment and the Gitzo G342 combined with a Wimberley Head is an ideal combination. For general photography I use a combination of Canon EF 24-70 mm andCanon EF 70-200mm f2.8 zoom lenses. For macro work I have the Canon 100 mm f2.8 macro lens.

Due to the weight of my earlier equipment I have now purchased a Cannon R5 coupled with the RF !00-500mm f4.5/7.1 lens for my bird photography. I have also added the RF 1.4X convertor and find this can be hand held comfortably without the need to carry a heavy tripod and ginmble head.

I shoot in RAW mode and processing is carried out using Adobe Photoshop CC.